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Imagine the world of miscommunication and disordered, chaotic and frightful. There is no gain to grab, no straight rules to follow. Publicity is Your biggest enemy.
Are You still living in there?
Well then, that is sure - You need us!

studio PRowokacja is an extraordinary Agency, that binds together a group of PR enthusiasts. We truly believe in what we are doing, we are thrilled every time we start new project and every time we are in the middle of one. We believe PR is not a question of studied behaviors or that it's just a tool used in process of communication - we think PR is a sort of art, full of emotions and positive feelings.

We are deeply concerned not only about the quality of information transfer, but also about the process - we know that mutual understanding is crucial for communication to exist at all. Thus, we care about our clients, as well as about their clients.

Our Agency was found in 2004, and since then we are helping companies to create a world of positive external and internal relations.

W offer You help with:

We are most experienced in work with IT companies -  but do not let Yourself to be deluded! We are just as good at anything else!
Cross-border cooperation is not new to us. We co-operate with Polish companies, as well as with foreign enterprises or their subsidiaries. Up till today we have trusted German and Spanish partners.
Look, who had entrusted his faith to us, and then come and have a cup of coffee with us. We vouch for the time to be spend effectively.